Labor Day weekend is going to be one of those good-news, bad-news situations if you're thinking of taking a road trip. On the one hand, gas prices will encourage you to get out of town; but on the other, maybe your precious car should stay locked safely in its garage. Here's why.

While gasoline prices are charging north, Americans are about to experience the cheapest fuel prices on a Labor Day weekend since 2004. Today's prices are hovering around $2.22 per gallon, nationwide, AAA reports. That's 27 cents less than the same time last year, and it's only the second year in a row where the end of summer long weekend's gas prices have dropped below $3.

Now, a reminder – Labor Day weekend is one of, if not the worst holiday for auto theft. With Americans across the country eager to escape the city on the traditional last weekend of summer, vehicle thieves go to work. In 2014 alone, thieves made off with 2,200 cars during the Labor Day holiday, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau's Annual Holiday Vehicle Theft Report. That said, the 2,200 cars the NICB reported on Labor Day of 2014 represented just 0.003 percent of the total cars stolen that.

Knowing that, we think the freedom to road trip afforded by the cheapest holiday gas prices in over a decade outweighs the risk your car gets stolen. Hit the roads, friends.

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