Ford Escapes can be found on the lot of any rental agency, so don't settle for something so common when you can choose a version for the more discerning, sophisticated driver. Thanks to peer-to-peer car rental agency Turo, you can now rent Erlich Bachman's Aviato-emblazoned 2006 Ford Escape, straight from HBO's Silicon Valley.

For the reasonable $49 a day, you can use the Aviato Escape for your very own vision quest. It's available for pick up at San Francisco International Airport and, like Aviato, will always be on time.

Here are some selling points for the Escape, courtesy of the listing:

  • "Unlimited mileage because if you are driving a piece of Silicon Valley history, you know no limits."
  • "Leather seats that cradle your buttocks like the firm grasp of a loving mother."
  • "Built-in AC power outlet for any sort of device one could imagine."
  • "6 CD Navigation GPS radio with 4" display and ergonomic joystick-button selector that will make you feel like a god among men."
  • "However, please note there is NO SMOKING in the car, even on special occasions. This cannot be emphasized enough. You will be charged $250 for any smoking, even marijuana. Do you understand?"

While the listing's description of the Escape as "sleek" and "sexy-as-sin" are debatable, for fans of the show, the opportunity to drive the Aviato car to their very own incubators will be too much to pass up. As the listing says, "So why rent the Aviato car? Why on God's green earth wouldn't you, is the real question."

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