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Fast and Furious star's Datsun 240Z heads for Leno's Garage

Actor Sung Kang is best known as Han in the Fast and Furious series, and he's quite an auto aficionado in real life, too. Kang received help from all over the world to build his restomodded 1973 Datsun 240Z called the Fugu Z, and now he has arrived to Jay Leno's Garage to show it off.

Kang bought the 240Z on Craigslist, and he thought it would be a fun project to build a track car with some buddies. The work quickly expanded, and Greddy started assisting to create this machine (which we've driven, too). The finished product mixes original touches like the fender mirrors and emblems with a widebody kit. Under the hood, there's an RB26 inline six from a 1994 Nissan GT-R, but the engine is now naturally aspirated. It makes between 233 and 245 horsepower at the wheels, depending on which member of the crew Jay asks.

Taking the turbos off the engine might seem weird at first, but it makes sense once you hear Jay behind the wheel. The mill sounds perfect throughout the rev range, and Jay and Kang can barely understand each other when talking during the drive because of the noise inside. An issue with the brake tuning is the only thing holding the Fugu Z back from being ready for the track. We imagine Kang should be able to sort that out easily, and the rest of the build is very impressive.

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