Back in 2013, Honda and General Motors announced that they would work together on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (pictured). The stated goal was to develop "commercially feasible fuel cell and hydrogen storage" for around 2020, but there was no discussion at the time that any actual H2 vehicles would come out of the program. Things are evolving with that partnership, maybe. There are rumors circling this week that the two automakers are now working together on plug-in hybrid vehicle technology and autonomous technology.

The supposed new facet to the GM-Honda partnership doesn't just focus on a powertrain, reports The Yomiuri Shinbun, but also in getting suppliers to lower prices because now you have two automakers ordering parts together. Building plug-in hybrids and fuel cell cars together might be a thing, too, Yomiuri says. The 2013 hydrogen partnership was made between two leaders in the field (the announcement press release talks says, "GM and Honda rank No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, in total fuel cell patents filed between 2002 and 2012." But if these new rumors are true, then it's more of a bit of catch up for Honda (which had a great but unsuccessful car in the Accord PHEV) while GM gets more tech to better challenge Toyota. That's how the Yomiuri presents it, anyway.

A Honda spokesperson told AutoblogGreen that, "Honda and GM's collaboration in the co-development of next generation fuel cell systems is making good progress. Engineers are discussing how we might expand the relationship utilizing each other's strengths, but there is no fixed plan regarding specific areas or timing."

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