Recharge Wrap-up: Tesla Model X towing video, ethanol exports to China rise

Blog Covers Tesla Model S Ownership In Portugal

A Tesla Model X owner reports back after towing his boat with his electric SUV. Max Kennedy towed his 4,850-pound payload with ease, but he did suffer a range reduction. With the boat in tow, the Model X consumed an average of about 575 watt-hours per mile on the level highway at 55 miles per hour. With a slight incline and a bit more speed, however, energy consumption increased to about 800 to 900 watt-hours per mile, dropping the driving range dramatically. This could give some owners pause when planning long trips with a significant payload behind them. See Kennedy's video above, and read more at Teslarati.

A new blog chronicles the experience of owning a Tesla Model S in a country where Tesla has no official presence. On the Road with Tesla is run by a new Tesla owner in Portugal. It begins with placing the order, then follows the delivery truck from Tilburg, Netherlands to the car's final home in Portugal. The excited buyer describes the process of communicating with Tesla and the transport agency, taking delivery and getting the license plates issued. It seems like there's a lot of waiting involved, so far. Check out On the Road with Tesla, or read more at EV Sales.

Ethanol exports from the US to China increased significantly in 2015. According to the USDA, exports rose from $8 million to more than $ 86 million following a trade mission in May of 2014. "In October, we exported more ethanol to China than in the previous 10 years combined," says USDA undersecretary Michael Scuse. The trade mission, which saw members from nine state departments of agriculture and 28 US companies travel to northeast China, helped promote ethanol as part of China's clean energy strategy. Read more from Farm & Ranch Guide.

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