It seems smashing luxury cars when you don't get your way is still in vogue.

Italy-based businessman Pourmohseni Hadi and his friend gave his 2008 BMW M6 a thorough beating with a mallet and axe outside of the Frankfurt International Auto Show. The car, which cost $160,000, had been in and out of the dealership for rattling and buzzing noises, according to the German news outlet Bilde. When Italian BMW dealerships failed to fix the issues, Hadi appealed to BMW directly. He decided to smash his M6 coupe in protest after his letter to BMW went unanswered.

Rich businessmen smashing up their deluxe cars is nothing new. In May, at the Qingdao International Auto Show in China, the owner of a $423,000 Maserati destroyed his supercar over a $390 repair bill. Another man in China smashed his Lamborghini Gallardo in 2011 because he felt Chinese buyers weren't receiving the same level of car as buyers in other parts of the world.

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