Ford has launched an advertising campaign for the Focus Electric, featuring some pretty sporty driving. The 15-second ad shows a Focus EV sliding up to a charging station pretty rapidly, and rather sideways. The add culminates with the snappy tagline "Charged Up. By Design."

It's an interesting approach by the Blue Oval for a model that's still a relative blip on the radar compared to the company's huge sellers such as Ford's world-beating F-150 pickup truck. Through September, Ford has sold 1,402 Focus EVs in the US this year, down 19 percent from a year earlier. Overall, Ford's hybrids and plug-in vehicles have seen a 26 percent drop in sales this year to almost 57,000 units. That's less than a third of what Toyota has sold through the first nine months of 2015.

Part of the problem might be the price. The Focus EV cost $39,200 back in 2013 before Ford started a series of price cuts. Last October, Ford tried to goose Focus EV sales a bit by dropping the price of the model by $6,000 to just under $30,000 (before incentives), but that didn't seem to make a huge dent. So far in 2015, Focus EV sales are only about 10 percent of the numbers of Nissan Leafs sold, and that model is having a down year. Another likely issue? The Focus EV has a single-charge range of 76 miles, or eight miles shorter than the Nissan Leaf. Still, the new ad is short and sporty. Watch it up above.

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