Mom sees 12-year-old son driving a semi truck on Faceook

A woman in Missouri was furious after she watched a video of her ex-husband allowing their elementary school-aged son to drive an 18-wheel semi truck. She says it's a public safety hazard, but police told her there was nothing they could do about it.

Tammy Hauenschild saw her son driving the huge truck on a video uploaded by her ex, Kenny, to Facebook. Since then, the video has gone viral. Hauenschild is also a truck driver and told Fox4KC that anything could have happened while her son was behind the wheel.

"I know what it takes to drive one, and how to stop one," she told the station. In the video, several cars pass the truck. It appears to have been shot somewhere in Utah.

It seems the boy, who is still four years away from getting his learner's permit, is also nervous about driving. In the video he asks his father, who is in the passenger seat, to take the wheel because he's scared. Hauenschild believes this isn't an isolated incident, and when she complained to police they said it was a domestic dispute, not a public safety matter.

"What if some mother was driving her baby down the highway and he crashed, taking someone else's life? I can't live with that either," Hauenschild said. He's not the first 12-year-old to take a liking to big rigs. A girl from Colombia with a passion for trucks drives them as well, without adult supervision.

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