Colombian girl with passion for trucks drives big rigs

Don't let her small size and pink shoes fool you, this young Colombian girl is into trucks for the long haul.

Diana Marcela Baquero Ávila, 12, is so infatuated with semi trucks, she can't wait until she's of legal driving age to jump behind the wheel. She tells the news agency Ruptly that she knows everything about big rigs, including how to drive them.

"What I love about driving tractor-trailer is traveling, meeting new people and play the cornet (horn)," Ávila told RT.

As admirable as her love for trucks might be, her premature passion might get her in trouble. She's still four years away from Colombia's legal driving age of 16. This video, uploaded to YouTube, is drawing criticism in the comments section. Some say allowing a child to pilot the huge machine is putting lives, including her own, at risk, according to RPP.

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