The Rock: stand-up guy, inattentive driver

Accidents happen, even to the best and most attentive of us. What matters most, of course, is that no one gets hurt. But beyond that, it's what you do after you get into an accident that counts.

Take this incident posted on Instagram by none other than Dwayne Johnson – better known to most as The Rock. The pro wrestler turned actor reports that he was driving along in his truck with "music blasting" when he accidentally side-swiped another parked truck, busting its side-view mirror. He circled back, found the driver, and owned up to the damage.

Naturally, it didn't take long for the driver – one Audie Bridges of Wakefield, MA – to recognize The Rock, standing as he does a solid six-foot-five and with an unmistakable smile. Audie seemed more enthralled at having the story to tell than getting anything out of the celebrity encounter, even straightforward restitution for the damage.

The two exchanged details, but Johnson says Bridges refused to take The Rock's money. All of which just goes to show that there are still class acts out there on the road: some you might recognize, but most you probably wouldn't.

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