Tesla Gigafactory will start with hundreds of Panasonic employees

Japanese Giant Already On Record With Plans To Invest Hundreds Of Millions Into Factory

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And the hiring of a few thousand people at Tesla Motors' planned Gigafactory apparently begins with a few hundred Panasonic workers. This follows Tesla's own job postings recently that show what sorts of people it wants to hire directly. Tesla said it plans to hire about 6,500 people at the new factory.

With Panasonic as a major partner in making the lithium-ion batteries that will go into Tesla's growing inventory of electric vehicles, the Japanese giant is sending "hundreds" of workers to the site to help kick things off, Reuters says, citing comments that Panasonic executive Yoshio Ito made to reporters this week.

Additionally, Panasonic says it will invest about $478 million into the factory, slated to open sometime in 2016, during the current fiscal year. The company said last fall that it would kick in tens of billions of yen into the factory (10 billion yen equaled about $92 million at the time), so this wasn't exactly a shock. The state of Nevada also offered $1.2 billion in incentives to Tesla to put the Gigafactory in the Silver State.

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