Move over Nissan Leaf, VW E-Golf is the new sales champ in Europe

VW's Norway Advertising Push Was Key

  • Image Credit: Jonathon Ramsey
Western European sales of the Volkswagen e-Golf electric vehicle got just extra charged up, and not just with electricity. For the first two months of the year, the VW EV overtook longstanding EV leader Nissan Leaf in terms of sales on the Continent, Aid Newsletter says. In fact, the e-Golf's 2,150 units sold in Western Europe through February was 400 more than what the Leaf managed.

Norway was the key country here. With lots of EV incentives, the Leaf (not to mention the Tesla Model S) have always sold well there, but Volkswagen, through a big advertising push, moved more than three times as many e-Golfs in Norway as Nissan did the Leaf.

It's sure a far cry from the US, where the Leaf remains the best-selling electric vehicle. Through February, Nissan moved 2,268 Leaf vehicles in the US, compared to 311 e-Golfs sold here. March sales didn't do much to change the balance, with 195 e-Golfs sold versus 1,817 Leafs.

The e-Golf, which retails for about $36,000 in the States, gets an EPA-rated 116 miles per gallon equivalent, barely edging out the Leaf's 114 MPGe rating. The e-Golf can also go 83 miles on a single charge. Our review of the e-Golf is available here.

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