Sitting atop the throne at Ford Motor Company is, as it turns out, a fairly lucrative gig. We make that statement after learning, through SEC filings, that FoMoCo's Mark Fields raked in $18.6 million in compensation during his first year as CEO.

Now, as is so often the case, Fields' earnings weren't just straight salary. Only $1.7 million of that sum was from his salary, while another $3.2 million came from cash bonuses. The remaining $13.7 million, though, came from what The Detroit Free Press called "long-term stock options, performance equity awards and compensation for items such as security and travel," according to the SEC filing.

That makes for a significant raise for Fields, who made $10.1 million in 2013, but it still doesn't match his predecessor, former CEO Alan Mulally. The 69-year-old Mulally earned $23.2 million in his final year as CEO, while bringing in $1 million last year as part of a $22 million compensation package.

Fields' earnings may ruffle some features for a few reasons. First, while the Freep reports that Ford hit 91 percent of its performance goals, 2014's earnings were down $4 billion, to $3.2 billion, compared to the $7.2 billion the company made in 2013. On top of that, the CEO's take-home might be sour grapes for hourly employees, who were only treated to checks worth $6,900, as part of a profit-sharing plan.

To that, Ford said in a statement that, "We remain absolutely committed to aligning executive compensation with the company's business performance and to tying a significant portion of executive compensation to long-term shareholder value."

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