Cadillac Oscars ad shows none of its cars or trucks

Can you sell something without actually showing the product in an ad? While this sounds like a question that Don Draper might have, Cadillac apparently thinks it's possible with at least one of the brand's three upcoming Oscars commercial. Days after whiting-out the company's social media presence in preparation for the new campaign, some of the advertising is finally here.

Titled Dare Greatly, the first released spot goes for a stripped down, minimalist aesthetic. The entire piece is made up of voiceover and ambient noise set over slow-motion driving shots of New York City. Viewers catch a few out-of-focus glances at a Cadillac interior, but otherwise the only vehicles in the commercial are the ones parked along the street.

The speech that is the centerpiece of the ad is all about the glory in just making an attempt, rather than criticizing others. "There is no effort without error and shortcoming," it says at one point. According to The Detroit Free Press, the text comes from a lecture by Teddy Roosevelt in 1910 at the Sorbonne in Paris. Cadillac's commercial never actually attributes the words to the former president, but the company is playing up the connection on social media.

The full 1:30 version of the spot is already streaming online, but Cadillac is cutting the commercial into 30-second and 60-second versions to air during the Oscars, according to The Detroit Free Press. Of the brand's two other ads during the awards show, at least one of them shows the company's vehicles.

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