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Scuderia Ferrari dreams up the F1 car of the future

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Formula One is in for a big shakeup, at least if all the parties can agree on a way forward at a meeting of the F1 commission today in Geneva. And this is the way Ferrari apparently hopes things will go.

Dreamt up by the design department in Maranello, this concept represents Ferrari's vision for the F1 car of the future. Its got far more streamlined aerodynamics, a two-tier front wing, a much larger rear wing, and wheels that are still "open" but far more enveloped than anything we've seen to date, wrapped in low-profile tires like those proposed by Pirelli. The cockpit is still open as well, contrary to proposals to enclose them, with a conceptual helmet design that seems to meld into the bodywork – though we're not quite sure how that would be implemented, practically speaking.

It's a pretty striking design, especially compared to the oddball shapes to which modern grand prix racers have evolved over recent years, with all their fragile appendages. Actually putting this into practice, though, is another matter entirely.

Both McLaren and Red Bull were said to have shown their own evolutionary designs to the F1 strategy group, though they didn't release theirs to the public. This pie-in-the-sky proposal from Ferrari looks a bit closer to some of the radical, futuristic designs penned by Red Bull for Gran Turismo.

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