Arizona may soon allow direct Tesla EV sales

Demands Include In-State Service Center, No Dealer Relationship

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Arizona was one of a handful of states in the southwestern US to lose out on getting Tesla Motors' massive gigafactory (Nevada won those honors last year). But one can't exactly accuse state legislators of being sore losers. That's because some Arizona politicos are looking to free up state laws and allow for direct automaker-to-consumer sales for the electric vehicles, says Hybrid Cars.

Last week, Arizona's House Commerce Committee voted in favor House Bill (HB 2216), which gets the state at least one step towards the approval of Tesla sales. The catch is that, for one, Tesla can't have an established relationship with a dealer (we don't think that's an issue), and, two, Tesla will have to build a service center in Arizona for repairs, recalls or warranty issues.

"Consumers should be allowed the choice of how they wish to purchase their vehicles and the Commerce Committee vote validates that choice," Tesla spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson wrote in an e-mail to AutoblogGreen. "Tesla looks forward to working with legislators as this bill moves through the legislative process."

For now, though, Arizona remains in the same boat as Michigan (home to the Big Three US automakers), Texas (which is fiercely protective of its existing dealership interests) and New Jersey in barring Tesla sales within its borders. A number of other states, such as Georgia and Connecticut, continue to be in play in terms of working on laws that may allow for Tesla to sell to its citizens.

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