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As the appeal process closes for General Motors' ignition switch recall compensation fund, the tally of claims stands at 4,180. That number might climb, though, because claims postmarked January 31 are still being accepted.

With the most recent recording of the compensation process from February 1, the lawyer team led by attorney Kenneth Feinberg has awarded 51 death claims, eight for catastrophic injuries like amputations and 69 for less severe harm that still required hospitalization. According to The Wall Street Journal, that was an increase of one fatality and two people hurt from the faulty parts, compared to the previous announcement. The full tally can be viewed in PDF format, here.

The GM Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility began accepting petitions from those hurt or the families of those killed on August 1. Initially the process was set to expire on December 31, but was extended an additional month. US Senators were pressing to keep the appeals open even longer, believing that the end date was arbitrary. However, GM voted that idea down. So far, every person offered a settlement has taken it, according to Feinberg. Despite the January 31 deadline, the compensation fund's job is far from over. There are still 1,103 cases under review, including 110 of those for deaths.

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