ICE'ing. If you haven't heard of it, it's likely you've never plugged in a car. And that's the problem.

ICE'ing refers to a driver of an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle who parks in a spot designated for a plug-in vehicle. It's an international problem among the growing ranks of EV drivers, and they're always looking for ways to solve the problem.

There have been a lot of grassroots attempts to get drivers of gas-burning vehicles to notice charging stations, like this warning sign made by someone on the Tesla Motors Club forum, with the extra idea to report the user to Zapatag. Or what about graffiti notes to drivers. Or maybe online lists explaining how to behave.

Official responses include anti-ICE'ing legislation (which is somewhat redundant, since there are usually signs prohibiting non-electric vehicles from parking in charging spots) that imposes fines on drivers who can't seem to read. In Washington state, it can cost you $124. In Raleigh, NC, the fine is only $50, but ICE'ing tickets have really added to the city's coffers this past year. For the year that ended in November, Raleigh was able to ticket about 540 drivers which means the city collected about $27,000. We don't know what the money was spent on, but that's roughly enough to buy a new plug-in car. It's not that these parking spots aren't desired – there were 5,550 charging sessions at public chargers in Raleigh this year – but they're often located in high-traffic areas, making them prime targets for drivers who think they can get away with it.

Etiquette Tips for Electric Vehicle Owners

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