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New rules for EV charging etiquette

The EV equivalent of spam is parking an internal combustion vehicle at a spot where there's a charger (also known as getting ICE'd), or leaving your electric vehicle in a charge space long after you've juiced up. Now that plug-ins are going mainstream, and municipalities from San Diego to New York City are installing charging stations in public places (okay, so far in NYC they're only in public garages), we've got to learn to play nice and share.

I'm calling it EV-iquette, which is a whole lot faster to say and snappier to remember than "electric car vehicle etiquette," which is what Plug In Cars' Brad Berman calls it. But Berman did the hard work of coming up with a set of eight rules everyone should plug into (forgive the pun) at a charging station. Here are a few:
  • Leave EV spots for EVs because it is "absolutely never acceptable" for an ICE vehicle to park where you can charge up.
  • Don't snag a charging space just to top off your range because you could be denying the plug to somebody whose range is low enough to cause real anxiety. Charge only when necessary, and leave when you are done so somebody else can have a turn.
  • It's okay to park alongside another EV which is charging, and leave a note for that owner to plug your car in after his/her session is done, the EV version of "pay it forward."
  • Never unplug anybody to plug yourself in, unless you notice that the other vehicle has completed its charging cycle. If you do, leave a nice thank you note, perhaps including your cellphone number.
Check out the full list.

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