Uber is finding itself in hot water in locations around the world, and the latest country to take issue with how the car service provider operates is Taiwan. According to a report from Bloomberg, the East Asian country has been issuing fines against Uber and its operators, and will continue to do so.

"The business model they're operating is illegal," said Taiwanese transport minister Yeh Kuang-shih in a telephone interview with Bloomberg. "Uber doesn't have any transportation-related service license and actually Uber is doing transportation service."

To date, Uber and its drivers have accrued over 60 fines in Taiwan, including 30 tickets issued to the company for the total equivalent of $81,000, and another 33 to Uber drivers for another $52k. And without the proper permits, they only stand to earn more fines. On top of that, Uber drivers operating in Taiwan without permits stand to lose their driver's licenses for two months.

Taiwan's transportation ministry is reportedly working with its colleagues in the economic ministry to find a way of shutting down the Uber network, while working to implement regulations to cover Uber and other similar services.

The development follows similar measures undertaken in the Indian city of Delhi, which banned Uber within the metropolis after one of its drivers was accused of raping a female passenger.

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