Volvo planning exit from motor racing

Volvo is in the midst of a rebirth of sorts. It's completely revitalizing its product lineup, it's rolling out new powertrain technologies, and as it announced just the other day, it's completely changing directions when it comes to its marketing and sales approach. That will include selling new cars online, pulling out of all but the most essential global auto shows, and ceasing its sponsorship of all activities save for the Volvo Ocean Race. But what about its motor racing activities on land?

According to the latest word from Down Under, that could be getting the axe as well. reports that part of Volvo marketing director Alain Visser's plan for the Swedish automaker is to withdraw from the touring car series in which it participates. In partnership with Polestar, the company current competes in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship and in the V8 Supercars series in Australia. It has also competed in the World Touring Car Championship and was tipped to return to it in the near future, but that prospect – as well as the fate of its existing programs – now look in doubt.

That doesn't necessarily mean Volvo will be speeding off of the racing circuit quite so quickly, though. Polestar reportedly has a contract with Volvo to represent it in the STCC through 2015 and in V8 Supercars through 2016 – so we wouldn't be surprised to see Volvo stay on the grid at least until those contracts run out.

Beyond that, however, is anyone's guess. If Gothenburg finds that its racing activities - victorious ones especially – drive more sales, it could very well opt to keep funneling in the cash. But if it's looking to trim spending and finds its motorsport programs don't drive its safety- and environmentally conscious image, the Swedes could call it quits for the foreseeable future.

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