EV West launches monthly EV Show, starts with electric Ferrari project

The folks over at the EV West conversion shop are no strangers to video cameras, having put up a fair amount of footage on their YouTube channel over the years. Now though, they've decided to make their appearance on the web a more regular affair with the debut of the monthly EV Show. It aims, they say, to bring viewers the latest news in the electric vehicle industry, product information and a look at some of the projects they're working on.

The outfit has had a hand in building and converting some notable vehicles in the past, but to kick off the new program, it's engaged in something special: the (re)making of an electric 1978 308 GTS Ferrari – a model made famous by its role in the Magnum P.I. television series. This particular vehicle had fallen victim to a fuel fire, though enough of the original non-necessary bits were in good enough condition to be sold off to help pay for part of the electro-restomod.

After stripping the entire vehicle down, the build up will begin, and the components planned to bring this baby back to life are very interesting in their own right. For instance, the battery. Though the show hosts cagily don't mention the source of the pack, it's pretty clear it will be made of modules originally housed in a vehicle sporting a Tesla drivetrain (we suspect the 2nd-generation Smart ED.) The power will flow from these mystery batteries through a Rinehart controller and then on to a trio of chrome-plated, powder coated AC-51 motors from Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems housed in a custom bracket. The resulting configuration should be good for about 216 kW (290 horsepower) and 340 pound-feet of torque.

You can keep up with this project and the many others the conversion shop has on the go by following them on Twitter and Facebook. The Ferrari project also has its own Instagram account. But first, check out the first episode of the EV Show by scrolling below.

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