Automakers don't necessarily undertake racing programs in proportion to their size. A company like Ferrari or McLaren, for example, may be small, but their racing programs are huge. The inverse could be said of a company like Hyundai, which has grown to rank among the largest automakers in the world, but has traditionally maintained a relatively short reach when it comes to racing. And now it's getting even smaller as the company is shutting down its entire motorsport program in the United States.

Not that the program was that big to begin with in the first place. Although Hyundai recently launched a factory effort in the World Rally Championship, in North America its competition activities revolved essentially around Rhys Millen Racing, the California-based outfit with which the Korean automaker has tackled Pikes Peak, Formula Drift and the Global RallyCross Series – the latter of which Millen describes as "arguably the fastest most exciting form of racing to hit the US in years." But now Millen has announced that Hyundai has withdrawn from their partnership that has stood for six years.

Without support from the automaker, Rhys Millen is putting up his Hyundais for sale or rental to any privateer team interested in getting in on the RallyCross action, while the team looks for a new partner with which to move forward. As for Hyundai, it seems the automaker may have stretched its motorsport budget a little thin with the WRC effort, on which it will now apparently rely to establish its racing cred.

We reached out to Hyundai for clarification on its future motorsport plans in America, but representatives weren't immediately available for comment. We will update this story when and if we hear back.

Rhys Millen Testing the New RMR PM580-T Pikes Peak Racer

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