Since learning that deliveries of the Model X from Tesla Motors would now be delayed until sometime next summer, speculation has focused on the rear doors of the electric SUV as the likely source of the problem. We think this is a pretty good assumption considering that CEO Elon Musk said as much himself.

Called falcon wing doors because they are said to resemble that bird of prey in flight, they open upwards, hinging in two places – the somewhat similar gull wing doors only have one hinge, where they're attached to the roof – which allows them to be opened in tighter spaces than the sea bird design.

While the original prototype of the Model X had working wings, the engineering for a production model is no doubt a lot more difficult. Noted analyst Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley said yesterday in a report that cut delivery estimates of the postponed car, "A door of that size and weight is going to be very hard to lift. Furthermore, having a hole of that size in the side of the car (that cuts deeply into the roof) could severely compromise structural rigidity impacting handling and safety."

While the challenges of the unique rear portals make some investors wish Tesla would just stick with traditional openings, Musk made it clear that the falcon wings are going forward. Taking to Twitter, he tweeted:
Shares of TSLA, which had been on the rise of late, were down a significant -$9.96 (-3.86 percent) as of this writing. To see the doors that are creating the flap, scroll below for video of Musk giving a demonstration with the Model X prototype.

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