You can own Cord, the great American car brand

Do you fancy yourself an entrepreneur just looking for the chance to hop into the auto industry? Well, there might be a prime opportunity to buy a fabled car brand, though one dead for decades. The trademark, license and manufacturing rights for Cord Automobile are currently on sale from Leake Auction Company. If they aren't bought by October 22, they go up for auction on November 22.

The Cord brand has been largely forgotten today. However, it set itself apart in the very late '20s and '30s the with the front-wheel-drive L-29 and later the coveted 810 and 812 (pictured above) models. Featuring pop-up headlights hidden in the fenders, an available supercharged V8 and famous coffin-shaped nose, the 812 was a tour-de-force in its day, but they were a sales disappointment. The company was sold soon after its introduction.

There was an attempt to revive the brand in the '60s, when a man named Glenn Pray bought the rights to the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Company. However, it wasn't a total success either. Pray sold the trademarks to Duesenberg and Auburn but hung onto Cord until his death in 2011. Now, his family is putting it up for sale.

Leake's sale actually covers two, separate trademarks. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, one of them is for toy cars of Cords, and the other is for parts and automobiles bearing the name. Let us know in Comments what company should own this old brand today and what kind of vehicle a modern version would be. Also, scroll down to read the auction house's full announcement of the sale.
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Tulsa, OK – (Thursday, September 18, 2014) Leake Auction Company is proud to announce a rare opportunity to purchase and own one of the most revered names in the world of American classic automobiles, the trademark, licensing and manufacturing rights to the CORD Automobile.

In the early 1960's, Glenn Pray from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, acquired the AUBURN-CORD-DUESENBERG Company and relocated it back to his home. With the sale came the licensing and manufacturing rights of all three of these legendary marques, as well as literally, tons of new-old stock parts. Pray's ambitions were not necessarily to strictly provide needed items to those who owned these beautiful vehicles, for he had a vision, to give new life to one of the most beautiful vehicles ever to come out of production, the "Coffin-Nose" CORD 810 and 812 series.

When Pray's CORD 8/10 was first unveiled in 1966, it was given nearly the same amount of praise in the media as the original car had 30 years earlier. Pray's car was hailed as a masterpiece and his acceptance into groups that loved, restored and preserved the original was universal. In the 1970's, Pray was approached about selling the Duesenberg nameplate, which was completed when an offer of $1,000,000 was made. A few years later Pray decided to let the Auburn name go to another concern for a half-million dollars. But the CORD name was one he retained for that was the brand that exemplified the style and flair he captured with his cars.

Following Glenn's death in 2011, his family realized the importance of his contribution to the hobby/industry of these beautiful classic cars. Turning to Leake Auctions with its 40 plus years of experience the decision was made to offer the rights to the CORD name to another caretaker who will carry on the traditions of excellence established by E. L. Cord and maintained for the past 50 years by Glenn Pray and his family.

Offered for your consideration are the rights to the Cord name for the rights to maintain the highest quality of products related to this important name, as well as licensing and manufacturing rights. Just as Glenn Pray had envisioned back in the 1960's, with the Cord name the possibility of another incarnation of these designs, engineering innovations and styling genius will once again be possible in the 21st Century

Leake Auctions is honored to have been selected for the offering of this most important "CORD" trademark which is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office carrying registration number 2,234,293, dated March 23, 1999, and 2936,082, registered on March 29, 2005.

These two CORD trademarks will be sold individually and are being made available by Leake Auction Company through the process of private treaty and will be on offer up to October 22, 2014. After that date the Cord trademarks will be removed from the market and will be offered during the Leake Collector Car Show & Auction in Dallas, on November 22. If you would like more information about the trademarks, please contact Leake Auction Company at 800.722.9942.


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