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Warehouse Wonders: Lyon's pride and joys

Click above image for huge high-res gallery of our visit to the Lyon collection.

Chandler Collection auction sets record

The late Otis Chandler's collection of vintage autos and motorcycles was auctioned off over the weekend and the final numbers were record-breaking. A total of $36 million of art, cars and bikes went across the block, setting a record for a single collection. The previous record was for a 1990 Sotheby's sale that netted $22 million. The star of the show, a 1931 Duesenberg Model J Special Phaeton sold

Otis Chandler Collection going up for auction

When Otis Chandler passed away back in February, he left a lot more than a legacy of publishing prowess. Sure, during the 1960s he had transformed his family's newspaper into the world-renowned Los Angeles Times that we know today. But when he wasn't in his office, Otis liked to drive. And hunt. But more about the hunting later. It was his love of cars that brought him into our field of vision. Chandler was passionate about cars in the way one might say Jay Leno is. He had a whole warehouse of c