The electric racing series Formula E has just made its world debut on the streets of Beijing, and some motorsports have gone whole seasons between crashes as dramatic as the last-lap scrap between Nick Heidfeld and Nicolas Prost in China.

The incident happened in the last gasps of the race with Prost leading. However, Heidfeld was gaining and got a strong drive out of the previous corner. He lined up by Prost to attempt the pass, when Prost turned into Heidfeld's car. That move pitched Heidfeld's car sideways and turned the curb into a ramp to launch him into the wall in a very scary looking crash.

In the exterior shot in the video, you can clearly see that Prost checked his right mirror from the cockpit before turning, but evidently he didn't notice Heidfeld drawing alongside him on the other side. Thankfully, Heidfeld was not seriously injured, and Lucas Di Grassi was able to drive around the two stricken cars to take the victory.

While crashes like this in motorsports are never positive because they put drivers in serious danger, an incident like this with no major injuries could actually work to give Formula E some notoriety – particularly among those who don't follow racing religiously. If nothing else, the crash vividly illustrates that the series' drivers are willing to put it all on the line. Both men have weighed in on Twitter about what happened:

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