It's not every day that a new Niva comes along. Lada has, after all, been producing its version since 1977, and through a joint venture between AvtoVaz and General Motors, a Chevy-badged version since 1998. Sure, there's been talk of creating a new one. Bertone even gave it a facelift a few years ago. But what we have here could be the biggest step forward in the history of one of the oldest models still on the road.

Chevrolet Niva ConceptThat is, if it's actually put into production, because what we're looking at here is a concept. Set to be revealed later this month at the Moscow Motor Show, this new Chevrolet Niva concept hints at a potential replacement for the long-serving Lada and Chevy off-roader that predates even the pioneering Suzuki Sidekick.

Details are as sketchy as the teaser images released with the press release below (which we've included in translated form as well), but we do know that it'll be rugged. It'll also have 16-inch wheels fitted with all-terrain rubber, underbody protection, air snorkel, light guards, roof rails and auxiliary lighting to make it, in concept at least, "the perfect choice for buyers who love their country [Russia] and want to enjoy its vast open spaces at any time of the year."
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Концепт Chevrolet NIVA нового поколения на ММАС 2014
27 августа на Московском международном автомобильном салоне СП GM-AVTOVAZ представит концепт Chevrolet NIVA нового поколения.


Современный стильный экстерьер и интерьер концепта дают представление о дизайне будущей Chevrolet NIVA. Отдавая должное нынешнему поколению легендарного внедорожника, в выставочной модели с помощью дополнительного оборудования подчеркивается исключительный внедорожный потенциал модели. Концепт оборудован большеразмерными колесами 235/70/R16 со специальной резиной all-terrain, защитой двигателя и переднего моста, шноркелем, рейлингами с прикрепленным на них запасным колесом, и дополнительной световой балкой. В будущем Chevrolet NIVA нового поколения, несомненно, станет идеальным выбором для покупателей, которые любят свою страну и хотят наслаждаться ее необозримыми просторами в любое время года.

"По стилистике новый автомобиль будет гораздо ближе к линейке Chevrolet. В то же время более брутальный внешний вид и характеристики автомобиля позволяют говорить о том, что это будет по-прежнему настоящая NIVA!", - считает Генеральный директор СП Джеффри Гловер (Jeffrey Glover).

Появление Chevrolet NIVA нового поколения ожидается в 2016 году.


Concept Chevrolet NIVA new generation of MIAS 2014
August 27 at the Moscow International Motor Show JVC GM-AVTOVAZ will introduce the concept of a new generation of Chevrolet NIVA.


Modern stylish exterior and interior of the concept give an idea about the design of the future Chevrolet NIVA. Paying tribute to the current generation of the legendary SUV models in the exhibition with the help of additional equipment underlines the exceptional all-terrain potential model. The concept is equipped with large-wheels 235/70 / R16 tires with a special all-terrain, protection of the engine and front axle, snorkel, roof rails and attached to them a spare wheel, and an additional light beam. In the future, a new generation of Chevrolet NIVA will undoubtedly be the perfect choice for buyers who love their country and want to enjoy its vast open spaces at any time of the year.

"In the style of the new car will be much closer to the line of Chevrolet. At the same time a more brutal appearance and characteristics of the car suggest that it will continue to be a real NIVA!", - Said General Director of JV Jeffrey Glover (Jeffrey Glover).

The emergence of a new generation of Chevrolet NIVA is expected in 2016.

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