A Florida man is a big hero to a little stowaway kitten after he cut open his own truck to rescue her.

Vero Beach, Florida resident Errand Frazier heard animal sounds coming from his truck, CNN reported. He looked all over the interior and exterior of the vehicle and couldn't find anything. He then placed a can of cat food under his truck with a camera rolling to find where the critter was hiding. The can turned up empty, along with the camera footage.

Frazier resorted to taking a pair of sheet metal cutters to his own truck to get to the source of the purring sound. He chewed a hole right through the body near his back wheel well. Through the hole he could see a kitten hiding under the bed of his truck. He was unable to get the frightened feline out himself. Slowly, he drove to the nearby Humane Society where technicians were able to get the 8-week-old kitten, named Megan, into their adoption center.

As an animal lover with two cats and a dog of his own, Frazier was thrilled to have saved the kitten's life, and neither he, nor his wife Cindy, seemed to mind the damage to his truck.

"We really never expected all of this, to be honest, but God does blessings every day," Cindy Frazier told CNN. "That's the reason that little kitten just showed up here -- because God knew we would do whatever we needed to do to make sure that kitten was safe."

The Fraziers both have disabilities and can't afford to fix the truck, their only vehicle. Strangers have since stepped forward to donate money to a 'kitty truck fund' set up by the Humane Society to help pay for repairs.

Stray kittens often climb inside of cars for warmth and protection. In the spring, especially after a cold night, try to remember to honk your horn before driving to scare any dozing kitties out of your ride.

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