HSV to keep plugging away after Holden Commodore production ceases

Australian muscle car fans rejoice. The Holden brand will stop building cars domestically in 2017, but the Holden Special Vehicles performance company will remain to produce more fast cars in Oz.

HSV is technically somewhat separate from Holden and is partially owned by the Walkinshaw family who are famous in racing. The future of the performance company was seriously in doubt recently with Walkinshaw considering a move to Detroit to tune vehicles, however, the latest news paints a much rosier picture. According to Cars Guide in Australia, HSV recently rehired its former chief engineer, Joel Stoddart, and he told them the business wasn't going away anytime soon.

Keeping HSV around is the kind of help that Holden needs. The automaker wants to have the most market share in the Australian market by 2020 and has a trio of new models planned that are imported from Opel in Europe. HSV's future responsibilities are still a big question, though. It's best known for its tuned V8s, but after the Commodore, that option is probably gone. Instead, according to Cars Guide, it has been playing with the Insignia VXR sedan and its 2.8-liter turbocharged V6, which is coming soon to Oz. Maybe an Opel is the future of the Aussie muscle car...

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