This would really be news is if a publicly accessible hydrogen refueling station was opening outside of Southern California. But we'll have to wait a bit more for that. What we have here is Cal State Los Angeles announcing that a new hydrogen station is up and running as of Wednesday. And it's within spitting distance of a bunch of freeways, which is always a good thing.

Cal State LA's Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility will be "utilized for research, teaching and advancing clean transportation technologies, as well as dispensing fuel to hydrogen fuel cell vehicle users," the university says. The station is just a couple miles from downtown Los Angeles and its vortex of highways, so it may become a cog in the long-awaited Hydrogen Highway. That effort recently gained some, uh, steam after Toyota and FirstElement Fuel Inc., which is headed by ex-General Motors and ex-Hyundai executive Joel Ewanick, said they were working together to deploy a network of stations across the state. As part of that effort, the state of California said it would spend $47 million on 28 new stations.

Mind you, before this opening, Southern California was already home to nine of the country's 11 publicly accessible hydrogen stations, according to the US Department of Energy. The other two are in Northern California and, oddly enough, Columbia, SC. See Cal State LA's announcement of the fuel-cell station opening here and watch a short video of some of the speeches below.

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