Loubna Khader wanted news cameras rolling when she confronted the man who left her son severely disabled, so the public could see the effect drinking and driving has on families.

She held up two pictures of her son to the glass separating herself and Steward Richardson, the man who left her son brain dead. One was of a cheerful toddler, the other of the boy in a vegetative state.

"Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Look at this face! Look at him!," Khader yelled.

"I look at him every day," he said. "I'm sorry."

Richardson told WFAA News on Wednesday, the fifth anniversary of the crash, that he thinks about Abdallah Khader every day and wanted to apologize to him and his family. Loubna's son was severely brain damaged when Richardson crashed into the family's sedan at an Arlington, Texas intersection on February 20, 2009. His blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit.

This is the family's first chance to speak with Richardson, who remains in legal limbo. He has spent the last five years in a Forth Worth jailhouse awaiting trial for the crash. The delay is due to prosecutors trying to use drunk-driving arrests in four other states to justify charging Richardson with a more serious crime. If successful, Richardson would face a life sentence.

When Loubna heard Richardson wanted to apologize, she asked WFAA be there to film the confrontation. Abdallah's health has been failing recently, and the family is consulting with Imams about signing a do-not-resuscitate order for their son. The emotional meeting ended with Loubna sending Richardson away without absolution.

"I am never going to forgive you for what you did to my son!," she said. "Never."

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