In most cases, when a company fires one of its employees – from the mail room to the board room – that's pretty much the end of it. But not at Morgan.

Last week we reported on the Morgan Motor Company firing its chief executive Charles Morgan, grandson of the company's founder. Charles had been sidelined to more of an ambassadorial role, but the company apparently wasn't happy with his performance in that capacity either, and announced that Charles was being ejected both from the management and board of the company that bears his family's name.

But Charles Morgan is fighting back. He's apparently garnered the support of many of the employees he used to direct, and is reportedly taking the company to court later this week.

The Morgan Motor Company insists that the decision was taken with the support of its shareholders, who are all members of the Morgan family. It's unfortunate to see what is looking increasingly like a family feud being played out in the press and the courtroom, but one way or another, we hope the various Morgan parties will find a way to reconcile soon. In the meantime you can read Charles Morgan's statement, issued on his personal blog, below.
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October 18 2013 - Statement from Charles Morgan

As has been widely reported, I have been asked to leave the Morgan Motor Company by the board. It is a sad decision that I am appealing; I remain a major shareholder in Morgan.

I'm proud to say I leave with the company's annual production volumes double what they were at the start of my tenure, with new export markets such as China opened to the company. Morgan remains a small but successful family firm.

I'd like to be clear that I am not a tycoon but a family man – I inherited a company not wealth – and unexpectedly leaving its employment will be a hardship for myself and my family. Being asked to leave the company that bears my name is also extremely personally distressing. That is made more painful as today marks 10 years since my father, Peter Morgan, died and I feel him in spirit with me in this dispute.

However my primary concern is completely for the company I have spent 30 years helping to build, and specifically for Morgan's employees, who I hold in the highest regard. I want nothing but success for Morgan Motor Company in the future and remain committed to this goal.

I am very grateful for the expressions of support received on twitter and elsewhere, particularly from the employees of Morgan.

I will be making no further statements for the time being.

- Charles Morgan

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