Man Finds Stolen SUV Using Google Earth

You never know what you'll find on Google Earth.

A man in George County, Miss., was using Google Earth to check on some of his land when he stumbled on what at first appeared to be a squatter's hunting shack. After a few more clicks however, he discovered the metal roof hidden by brush was actually an SUV parked deep in hunting territory.

The unnamed land owner contacted the George County sheriff's department. When they ran the plates, they discovered it had been reported stolen in March. The sheriff's department had a suspect in custody, but couldn't move forward with the case without the vehicle. Ben Brown, a lieutenant detective with the department, told ABC News authorities will now be able to prosecute the alleged thief, though they aren't sure how the SUV made it so deep into the brambles.

"Honestly, it looked like it was dropped from the sky," Brown told ABC News. "I couldn't tell how exactly it got there, and I've never seen anything like it in my 12 years of law enforcement."

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