It's tough to keep track of what kind of electric powertrain Fox Business host Neil Cavuto might possibly like. For years – literally years – he railed against the Chevrolet Volt. A twist came last year when he all of a sudden liked the 2014 Infiniti LE concept electric vehicle because it has wireless charging. Now, he's off the wireless kick and, during a recent segment about the steady increase in Tesla Motors stock, he said he wasn't impressed with the 200+ mile range from the Model S, but he would like the EV if – wait for it – it had a fossil fuel generator in it. Interesting, because that's exactly the style of powertrain in the Chevy Volt.

tesla stock fox news tslaThe main point in posting the video, though, is to get some contrasting views on TSLA. The argument is, basically, that too much of Tesla's profits come from selling ZEV credits (which Tesla has talked about and isn't afraid of) and that the Model S is not a car that will sell many copies. To make the point, Fox throws up a graphic during the segment that shows the prices of fives EVs. The Models S ($110,000), the Chevy Volt ($35,000), the Chevy Spark EV ($26,685), the Nissan Leaf ($28,800) Ford Focus EV ($35,200). Note that in all cases, Fox chose to use the actual base MSRPs (or close to it), except for the Model S, which actually starts at $69,900. None of these MSRPs include destination fees or federal tax incentives, so most people can lop around $6,500 of each of them.

Panelist Lauren Fix clears up the fact that not everyone is able to take advantage of the $7,500 tax credit. The other analyst on the panel, Dennis Kneale, said the stock is overvalued in part because, "people love Elon Musk, who sounds like a cologne." Watch for yourself below.

*This post has been updated to correct that the video comes from Fox Business, not Fox News. Thanks to Spec for pointing this out in the comments.

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