Local Motors, those fellows that build the Rally Fighter, a ridiculous off-road vehicle that is the four-wheeled equivalent to the honey badger (it just don't care), have released an online configurator for the crowd-sourced off-roader. This builder is a bit different than what we normally see, though.

The reason for this is because the Rally Fighter itself is so different. As it's essentially a racing vehicle, there's no interior options to choose from really. Instead, the configurator focuses on the exterior appearance of the car. Like many racers, the Rally Fighter features a vinyl wrap instead of paint. Not only does vinyl save weight (12 pounds in this case), it's cheaper to apply and maintain than normal paint, while allowing a huge degree of customization.

The configurator reflects this, giving users access to a number of pre-designed wraps. Colors can be chosen, as well as different "material" wraps, like carbon fiber and chrome. Accessories can be chosen, wheels can be swapped, and even the setting can be changed. Once that's all done, users can share their design with their friends, adding a social aspect.

You can view a video on the configurator below, or you can dive right in and start designing.

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