If you're interested in new advanced vehicle technologies, it's important to gain feedback from early adopters. That's why Mark Vaughn, senior editor (west coast) for Autoweek, met with four men who drive around in a Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell. They're not your typical drivers; they're an elite group of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle fans leasing an F-Cell for $599 a month (cheaper than it one was): Jin Takamura is a former auto industry analyst and marketing executive; Ian Sanders retired after a career at Garrett Turbo; Loki Efaw is a bank vice president in charge of IT; and Heesoo Lee owns Worklab CC, a collaborative tech studio.

They're not exactly F-Cell zealots, but it is typical for people to approach them and ask about the vehicles, Takamura said. He offers them a quick Fuel Cell Vehicle 101, explaining fuel cells, electric motors, hydrogen and the future of transportation. They also tell the curious that patience is key, repeating the old joke being that "hydrogen fuel cells are the powertrain of the future, always have been and always will be," according to the article. "I remember reading a magazine article about them in 1963. I thought, 'That seems like an interesting idea,'" Sanders said.

All four see hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles as the most logical transition away from petroleum. Efaw was looking at compressed natural gas and electric vehicles. "Then this opportunity came," he said. He finds it to be less of a hassle than driving an EV. Lee liked the fact that there was no range anxiety and no special outlet required at his house. "It felt like the next jump instead of being a bridge gap – an EV driven by hydrogen," he said. You can read more from these F-Cell pioneers over in the full article.

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