Fiat's marketing machine has invaded Funny or Die, and the resulting web commercial is both entertaining and weird. Watch one couple buy the "most stylish" and "roomiest" car they've ever had, thinking they'd be able to transport golf bags and art supplies (and 32 basketballs?) only to have the roomy-for-a-Cinquecento back seat filled with a complimentary Italian family. In real life, we can't see this being a good thing; not only do they take up space, but their added weight most certainly would hurt gas mileage and performance.

But in commercial land, it comes off as funny, and Fiat does prove that the 2014 500L is roomy enough for five people (including the driver), if not golf bags, art supplies and 32 basketballs. Scroll down to watch amusing Internet short below.

FIAT 500L Information


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