Washington State, Ecotality lags far behind EV charging station goal

Washington State is trying to be one of the leading states for both electric-vehicle adoption and charging-station availability. Trouble is, the state is about 75 percent behind on the public charging-station goal it set for the end of 2011, Seattle-based King 5 reports in the video below.

Ecotality, which was tapped by the US Energy Department to put in DC quick-chargers and Level 2 stations through the EV Project, has only installed six fast chargers and 369 Level 2 chargers in the area, compared to the end-of-2011 goals of 22 and 1,200, respectively. Ecotality says the problem is EV buyers, of the lack thereof. "The early car sales were not what we had anticipated," Amy Hillman, ECOtality's Northwest sales manager, told King 5.

As a result of the charging station delay, the Seattle area is a "donut" when it comes to charging access, King 5 says, with stations are more abundant in the city's perimeter than its center. There are about 1,100 residential charging stations in the Seattle area.

Even with the missing targets, overall, next to California, Texas and Florida, the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon have the most publicly accessible charging stations, according to the Energy Department.

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