An exceptionally violent example of road rage is making the web buzz today, as this footage of an unnamed Marine attacking a car is making the rounds. We should say, right from get go, that the only source of information about what's happening in the video clip seems to be the description attached to it on Live Leak.

Taken somewhere in the area of San Diego County's Camp Pendleton, the footage you see below reportedly shows a Marine sergeant losing his mind after being rear ended by the victims. Reports indicate that the woman filming the incident is a wounded Marine, and that the man driving the truck is her brother and caregiver.

According to the victims, the Marine had been driving erratically; cutting them off and slamming on his brakes in a move that ultimately caused the accident. Considering that likely provocation and the intensity of the reaction of the aggrieved assailant, we're amazed at just how calm and cool the driver in the video is able to remain. The source (and common sense) indicates that the Marine is very likely under some pretty serious emotional stress here, and the reaction we're observing is not unlike that which can occur because of post-traumatic stress disorder. In any case, we're glad to see that everyone came out of the scary incident unscathed. Find the full video below, and know that it has some pretty serious Not Safe For Work language.

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