Credit the BBC for doing its best to dispel the notion that electric-powered vehicles are – as it puts it – "dull and boring." The UK broadcaster posted a two-minute video that profiles Paul Drayson and his racing team, which is building racing EVs that can go as fast as 200 miles per hour, and really quietly at that.

Drayson Racing Technologies shows off the car via an explanation of its layout and an extremely fast lap around a racing track. Mr. Drayson points out that the car has four electric motors built by Oxford University, giving the car's technology a top-notch pedigree.

Earlier this year, Formula E Holdings signed up Drayson Racing as its first team for an EV racing circuit slated to begin next year, with the premier race set for Rome. No word on whether Drayson will try to set any speed records through the Chunnel. Check out the BBC video of this electrifying EV (sorry) below.

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