If you're worried that the Nissan Leaf is a bit pricey (even with incentives), keep in mind that it all depends on your lifestyle. For example, if you're the president of Georgia and you're used to being whisked around in an armored limousine, driving your Leaf to the airport might make you look like an average Joe.

That's what Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has hoped for, and why he had a production crew videotape him driving to the Tbilisi airport with his wife as his bodyguard. He drove his Leaf to downplay criticism over his opulent lifestyle. The resulting video is available below.

Saakashvili was on his way to board a flight to neighboring Azerbaijan. The press team filmed the president and his wife wending their way through traffic and waiting patiently at a red light. His usual ride to the airport is in an armored Mercedes limousine accompanied by Jeeps filled with armed guards.

Saakashvili's United National Movement party lost parliamentary elections last fall and the nation has been in political limbo since then. Saakashvili remains president until October, and the opposition parties have called on him to step down. He was stopped from giving an address to parliament, and violence erupted outside the National Library as he tried to give his speech again. He'd been criticized heavily for his extravagant lifestyle by his political opponents, including having two jets for official use, one of which has been taken away from him.

Saakashvili claims that he now travels completely without security. He said that if anything happened, his Dutch-born wife, Sandra Roelofs "is there to protect him."

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