The worlds of motocross and rallycross are already quite intertwined, so DC Shoes has apparently decided to go a little further by putting together a Gymkhana-style event for dirtbikes. For this video, Australian stunt motorcycle rider Robbie Maddison is let loose inside of an airplane graveyard making for some interesting, fun-to-watch stunts.

Maddison starts off by tackling some whoops made out of external wing fuel tanks, and the action just gets better from there as he uses planes and various plane parts. (Note: Although the entire video is almost 11 minutes in length, it takes about two minutes for the action to get started and there are almost four minutes of credits at the end).

It isn't clear if DC Shoes plans on creating a series like it has with Ken Block and Gymkhana, but we sure wouldn't mind seeing this kind of action on a regular basis. Check it out for yourself in the video posted below.

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