No, this is not some creation from the backwoods of Georgia. Fiat actually partnered with Mercurio Cinematografica to wed a Panda 4x4 with a Jeep CJ7. The result is the plucky face of the Panda astride a set of 59-inch tractor tires. The whole contraption sits 12.8 feet tall and took just over two weeks to build from start to finish.

We imagine driving this thing is a bit like trying to coax a jello mold down the road. There's no word on whether engineers kept the Panda's engine and transmission or abandoned them for the AMC bits. Our money's on the latter. Fiat says the hardest part was getting the brakes, steering, clutch and accelerator controls to cooperate with the archaic bones below.

So, why build it? Fiat is currently in the midst of an advertising campaign that highlight's the Panda's attributes, and building a Big Foot version of the little hatchback was the easiest way to show off the vehicle's off-road prowess. You can watch it play in the snow in the video below.

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