Media junkies rejoice in getting "wired." Now, owners of Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt plug-in cars can get similarly excited about getting "unwired."

Owners of those electric-drive models will be eligible for Plugless Power wireless electric-vehicle chargers now that maker Evatran has reached an aftermarket-charger sales and distribution agreement with SPX Service Solutions.

SPX will start installations at the homes of Leaf and Volt owners next April. SPX, which will take orders both on its website and by phone, has installed more than 13,000 Voltec, ChargPoint, Blink and GE WattStation systems. The home stations will cost between $3,500 to $4,000 for the on-board receiver, garage-floor transmitter and garage installation required for the wireless system, the New York Times reports.

In September, Evatran reached an agreement to install systems with Google and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. It also has similar commercial agreements with companies such as Hertz, Duke Energy and the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research. Check out the press release from Evatran and SPX below.
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SPX Service Solutions To Distribute And Install Plugless Power Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Service Solutions to launch an in-home vehicle and station installation program for Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt owners who purchase Plugless Power wireless charging systems

WYTHEVILLE, Va., Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Evatran announced today that it has signed an agreement with SPX Service Solutions to distribute and install Plugless Power wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging systems. These systems, available to individual Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt owners starting in April 2013, require station installation in customers' homes, as well as, the installation of an adapter onto the undercarriage of the EV. Service Solutions will be launching a program to provide both parts of the installation process in the comfort of the EV owner's own home.

"Our goal has always been to provide EV owners with a completely convenient, hassle-free charging experience," said Rebecca Hough, Evatran Chief Operating Officer. "When we decided to launch an aftermarket product we knew we needed an equally convenient installation process for our customers. Service Solutions committing to in-home vehicle installation in parallel with station installation is a big win for us. Our customers can look forward to a quick, easy, well-managed installation process without leaving the comfort of their own homes."

Service Solutions will be selling the wireless charging systems through both its website and over-the-phone sales channels. Service Solutions kicked off its charging station manufacturing, distribution and installation business over two years ago with the goal of becoming a leader in the growing electric vehicle charging infrastructure space. Service Solutions has a network of over 900 certified and trained installation and service staff across the country, and has successfully distributed over 13,000 charge stations, including the Power Xpress, Voltec, ChargePoint, Blink and GE WattStation brands. Plugless Power™ is the Company's first wireless charging product line.

If a customer selects Service Solutions installation services with his purchase of Plugless Power, the customer's installation process will be completely managed by Service Solutions including:

Free pre-installation survey: Service Solutions will provide a site survey at no cost to the customer, to ensure all installation costs are understood prior to wireless system installation.
240V charging station installation: Based on the customer's targeted charging location, Service Solutions will manage the permitting, electrical work, and physical charging station installation process for the customer. The customer will receive updates as the process is completed.
Vehicle adapter installation: Service Solutions will provide vehicle installation services for both the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt models in the comfort of the customer's own garage or driveway. The vehicle process is expected to take about 90 minutes.
"Our EV charging programs are all about choice for the consumer. We've seen strong interest in the market for a wireless charging solution and we are pleased to add Plugless Power as an option within our portfolio of products. Evatran has the right approach to the market with an aftermarket strategy, and we feel that this partnership allows us to combine our 100 years of automotive service experience with our strong charging infrastructure business," added Kevin Mull, Service Solutions' Vice President of EV Solutions.

For more information on Plugless Power, please visit:

About SPX Service Solutions
SPX Service Solutions is a leading global developer and manufacturer of advanced diagnostic systems and service solutions for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), their dealer networks, and retail and aftermarket channels. The business also provides consulting, strategy and technical information for vehicle servicing and maintenance, as well as for charging and the servicing of electric vehicles. SPX (NYSE: SPW) is a global Fortune 500 multi-industry manufacturing company. With headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., SPX has over $5 billion in annual revenue, operations in more than 35 countries and over 18,000 employees. This description of SPX does not contemplate the pending sale of the Service Solutions business to Robert Bosch GmbH. Visit

About Evatran
Plugless Power™, developed by Evatran™, is the first electric vehicle (EV) charging system on the market to offer customers a simple way to charge their EVs with the ease of wireless technology. In addition to aftermarket distribution, Evatran is currently working with automotive manufacturers to integrate the Plugless Power technology into mass-market EVs. The company has signed installation and distribution agreements with SPX Service Solutions and Sears Home Services to support the installation of Plugless Power systems nationwide. The Apollo Launch Program, an initiative started by Evatran in 2012, follows industry leaders such as Duke Energy, Clemson University, Google, and Hertz, as they trial the Plugless Power technology on their own EVs. To learn more about Plugless Power or to reserve a wireless charging system for your own EV, visit

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