Jay Leno is a big fan of ICON machinery. The comic and TV personality has already featured vehicles like the ICON Bronco and Derelict DeSoto on separate episodes, and now owner Jonathan Ward has stopped by the Big Dog Garage to show off the company's latest creation: The FJ-44. Unlike the company's other efforts, the FJ-44 isn't based on any historical model. Instead, ICON engineered the four-door aluminum bodywork and has it manufactured by a separate supplier. The company's workers powdercoat the body for a little extra durability and plop an LS-series General Motors V8 under the hood with up to 420 horsepower.

If you want one, get ready to shell out $160,000 for the privilege. If we had the cash, we'd have one in the garage in a heartbeat. Leno seems impressed both by the craftsmanship and the vehicle's on-road manners, though the clip below doesn't venture off road. We imagine this creation would do just fine no matter where you pointed the nose. Check it out for yourself.

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