Of all the shops turning out cool hardware these days, few get us as excited as Icon. And while their off-road beasts are heart-stopping in their execution and attention to detail, it's the company's Derelict line that really gets us grinning. Icon founder Jonathon Ward swung by Jay Leno's Garage to show off his latest creation: a 1952 Chrysler/DeSoto wagon with modern bones underneath. Ward started with a Chrysler Town and Country wagon before swapping over a DeSoto front clip for a little more style. The old Hemi V8 was then ditched for a 2010 6.1-liter fuel-injected lump, though Icon kept the original valve covers in order to keep the engine bay looking as period as possible.

As with all Derelicts, there's little on the underside of the '52 that hasn't been re-engineered by the Icon team. The car uses a complete modern running gear and a set of six-piston Wilwood brakes bring the family hauler down from speed. Check it out on the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage below.

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