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Diumar Bueno is definitely a lucky man. During practice for the Brazilian Formula Truck Series at the Autódromo Internacional de Guaporé, Beuno's Volvo race truck lost its brakes at around 118 miles per hour, forcing him to veer off the course and causing a spectacular, scary crash.

Coming out of the longest straight of the 1.9-mile, nine-turn course and realizing he had no brakes, Bueno turned into the grass infield hoping to get the truck slowed down before hitting the wall. Instead, his truck maintained its speed, got airborne when crossing over the racing surface and the crashed through the wall at full speed sending him into a 50-foot drop off.

Although his truck was completely destroyed, Beuno survived the incident suffering only two broken legs, a broken arm and a cut tongue, but according to an article on band.com.br, it will be about six months before the racer will be able to walk. While his injuries are certainly not enviable, the safety of these race-modified semi trucks is apparent after watching the video of the horrific crash, which we have posted below.

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