It's easy to forget just how insane the Lamborghini Countach was when it debuted in 1971. While the rest of the world was still focused on producing sports cars with flowing, organic body lines, Lamborghini pulled back the sheets on fiendishly-low Countach with it's razor-sharp panel creases and plethora of vents and ducts. Very simply, there had never been anything like this car on the road before. Maybe that's why it holds onto our imaginations so rabidly. It's more than having owned the poster. It's knowing that in spite of all the machine's flaws, the Countach is something special.

James Chen, the owner of Axis Wheels, knows that fact all too well. As a life-long fan of the Countach, he finally realized a childhood dream when he bought the machine you see above. The crew from Petrolicious recently caught up with Chen to discuss what it is that sets the Countach apart. With plenty of gorgeous cinematography and a soundtrack punctuated by the V12's exhaust note, the clip is well worth your time. Check it out below.

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