Electric bicycles are a great piece of the transportation puzzle but there is one area where they tend to fall flat: styling. Now, Voltage Cycles is nicely addressing this shortcoming with a range of power-assisted pedelers based around a beautifully crafted low-slung frame. By simply swapping out handlebars, forks, fenders, seats and tires, the company creates a nice variety of custom looks.

The electric drivetrain – a 600-watt brushless geared hub motor invisibly wired to a neatly integrated 48-volt, 13-Ah battery pack – remains constant throughout the line and provides for speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. The AllCell Technologies-sourced battery should handle at least 1,500 charges and is said to be good for 34 miles at a go, though we imagine that includes some cycling effort on behalf of the rider.

This rolling bit of electro-chic isn't exactly cheap (the price of one configuration hits $3,450), but if you consider that it looks like a million bucks, it might be considered a bargain. Scroll down to check out video featuring several builds in action.

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